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This story isn’t purely about hangovers.

But, my head does hurt from a hangover, and this was my inspiration for talking about how women can make your head hurt.

Sure, men are probably the same. But this is about women.

Men have feelings too.

Hangovers in your 30s

Do hangovers get progressively worse as…

The Covid-19 pandemic around the world has changed many things, including how we date.

I live in a country where we’ve had periods of strict restrictions over the residents, isolating at home and being allowed out for very little.

No dating.

And dating is pretty hard when you can’t go…

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She hated the word Cougar. Most older women do.

We met on Tinder, and she’s absolutely gorgeous. We’ll call her Sandra.

The sex was great. Well, I thought it was.

But the article’s title doesn’t sound promising for the sex being amazing, though, does it?

Here’s how it went down.

The sultry seductress?

I Met a Girl on Tinder Whilst Visiting My Dying Grandmother
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Later, we had sex.

Does this make me a terrible person? Or is it pretty standard?

I’m not sure. I guess, like many adults in 2021, dating online is the norm.

I’m a male in my 30s. I’ve had four serious relationships but never been married.

I’m optimistic it will…

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Stories that I don't want attached to my name. Definitely not tales I'd tell the grandchildren…

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